Sunday, January 12, 2014


         I realize a severed or badly-cut tendon
can be a worse injury than a broken leg. Tendons
are hard to repair and take time healing.
      This is well known. But Dave Bolland seems
to be some kind of a magic man for the Toronto Maple
Leafs, and as his fortunes go, so do the fortunes
of the team.
      I remember thinking the moment he had that
injury - "There goes our season!" And damn it,
I wish for once I was wrong!

      Get well, Dave! And even if you can't play.
Come and sit down beside the bench. Because
whatever you have, we need it bad!
       I know it's your playing we need, but you seem
to possess some kind of invisible 'mojo' as well.

       I know there's no superstition in sports...
ha! ha! That was a joke!

       Having been raised in a country where voodoo
is practised, let me tell you. 'mojo' is real. And we need
yours now! 
                Here's hoping you're feeling a little better.

          And... sorry for the 'Mojo Magic Man' handle. That's the kind of thing that sticks.

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