Wednesday, November 19, 2014


           I'm not withdrawing any nasty articles about Leaf's ownership. I can't withdraw a single word.
I meant everything I said about the OWNERSHIP FUCKAROO in Leafs' land.
          They make big money with bad  teams! Then they try to con us. Ownerships assures us they are trying really hard.


I made a vow: "I will not die until the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup."
        I made this vow in 1990. I was 13 when I personally (with my dad) watched the Leafs win the Stanley Cup in 1967 FOR THE LAST TIME! (47 years ago).
           Problem is, if you do the math you'll see I'm a hell of a lot older now. And I have employed various stimulants, several forms of hallucinogens,
and an avalanch of booze to make my mind more keen in order to write books and support the
Toronto Maple Leafs.
           But sometimes ( as your wives will tell you)
support means 'telling the truth'.

           I love the players. I always have.
           A few  LEAFLINES! I'll make a few suggestion, as usual:

(1) Don't play Bernier in Montreal.  There's too
      much pressure on him.

(2)  Find another defenceman ( from the Marlies
       if necessary....) PLAY # 51 as a forward.
       Stop being so damn stubborn. Get a massage   for those brain cramps! Make him a forward. He's got obvious talent in that role.

(3)    JOSH LEIVO. Keep him in the NHL! Damn!  Get that goal-scorer up from the Marlies! Smarten up! KEEP HIM ON A GOOD LINE. Don't you
know a natural sniper when you see him?
         Some forwards are not meant to play much defence.

(4)    I've been watching this game for 47 years
         and I'm rarely wrong. 

(5)  Bring back McClaren. You're going to need
       him. Don't let the captain fight all the time.
       You need the Captain for DEFENCE and
        McClaren has one hell of a punch. People
         fear him, and fear is an essential tool
                 in the Big League. Fear is worth one
(6)   The Leafs played pretty damn hard against
        Nashville.  The truth of the matter is,
         Nashville has a stronger team. The cure?
         See above stories re: ownership. How did
          Christian Ehrhoff    make it to Buffalo?
           Why didn't we grab him on the way by?
          Ownership should be willing to spend some
           of the fortune, the monetary bonanza
            they make on the Leafs. As they
            selfishly allow the morale of the City           of         of Toronto to wane and fall into the depths of          depression and despair...
              GIVE,FOOLS, GIVE!   Reach into
              your oh so tight pockets and buy another
              star or two for the team.
                     What a surprise that would be!
              A little generosity. 

           Of  the new guys on the team, here's some of the guys I like:  I love Josh Leivo, a natural
scorer, a sniper. Keep him up in the big club. Let him get used to a good line, then watch what happens in a month or two! 
            I love Komarov, also.
             Vote of confidence for Polak, and Panic,
and I'm forgetting several guys.
               Someone's thinking.  Kudos to the
              Of course, Bernier's fine, and the defence
seem to help him a little.
               But Reimer's a better goalie than his press sometimes suggests. The big deal is -
don't let the power forwards of the opposite
team run him.  For God sakes, in the old
days if you got in the crease and knocked over a goalie you were in Big Shit.
               I think the rule must be made more strict
re: running goalies. Why are goalie's such big targets these days?
              If a guy's going to hit your goalie,
HIT HIM before he gets there. The lack of protection Reimer gets from the Leaf's defence is a disgrace!
               Also, tell Reimer not to leave his crease and try to stick-handle.
                 What do the Leafs need to do most of all? Start laying some heavy body checks on the
opposing team! What the hell?
                 Watch some Scott Stevens tapes!